Friday, March 13, 2009

HIStory is made once again: ALL 50 DATES FOR MJ SHOWS HAVE SOLD OUT!!!

people wanna hate, but come ON ya'll; MIKE IS THE MAN!!!


so... i actually GOT A TICKET ASSIGNED TO ME (A FLOOR SEAT, NO LESS), AND YOU HAD TO HAVE AN AMERICAN EXPRESS!!! ONLY!!! i mean, what is that!!! i am so NOT happy right now!!! they should tell you that stuff, before you sit here for 2 1/2 hours trying to get a ticket!!!

i had to cancel my order!!! I AM PISSED OFF TO THE INFINITE DEGREE!!!

will i ever see the michael (tears, tears...)? i mean, what if he doesn't even come to the states??!! he's got a residency in london!!!

grrrrrrrrrrr..... see; he's not happy that i'm not going either... how sad he is... he's saying, "jamiloo, i wanchoo to go, but i didn't know about the card thing...""don't worry jamiloo, you will see me... american express will PAY!" fingers up to the credit cards!!! a smackdown!!!

this is what i am... missing...?


Friday, March 6, 2009

michael jackson's tour announcement at the O2 arena- is this it?

yes folks... even CNN covered this... people and press want to hate, but there is the realization that michael grabs ratings, and attention. CNN and other news organizations felt michael joseph jackson's 3-minute (without all the pauses, even less) announcement was worthy enough of being covered.

of course, since hearing about the POTENTIAL for these shows to happen, i have been thinking about going to london. and of course, seeing this press conference i got emotional... i watched it both with sound, and the sound off... trying to wrap my head around things... there was nothing unreal about it at all; but in those 3 minutes i sensed frustration, relief and sense of duty in one person. it reminded me of the 'final concert' speech he gave at the last dodgers stadium concert:

michael has been quite open about his lack of love for touring. so these dates (of which have not happen for over ten years) are pretty significant. i have been open about the fact that i don't want him to tour... i want him to just hang out with his kids and be able to be in peace. he shouldn't have to live his life as 'michael jackson (tm)' anymore... he should be able to go to the supermarket before midnight, and without people pulling at him.

but STILL, maaaaan.... if he's gonna announce a series of shows, of COURSE i would go!!! i never got to see any of his live performances when i was growing up- i was born the year the first jacksons album came out. so the concerts for me (and i'm sure a whole lot of people) have some sentimental value...

and ESPECIALLY if these are his final shows; the 'final curtain call'. we shall see what happens with that, if the 'final' statement is true... just like the OTHER michael (corleone), he's gone one foot steeped in, and the other out...

my heart definitely goes out to him...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

you KNOW i'm trying to go!!! michael is in london this summer- yeah!!!

AAAAAAAAAAH!!! yeah, i'm screaming like a little girl- SO WHAT!!!

1984, anyone...?

the day they've been talking about for years is here. the verachip in the licenses and passports... and i love the blatancy of the officials... they don't even try to hide it anymore...

Sunday, March 1, 2009


hey... guess what? it's been exactly one month since i last posted, and i've been pretty sick during the past few months, with whatever most people have.... some new strain of the flu or something... inevitably i am not short on things to write, so i'll be there soon... until then- here's one of my favourite videos right now. warning: there's a spoiler. HA!