Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the black house, figuratively...

YO! THE BLACK PRESIDENT!!! I WAS SERIOUSLY ROLLING ON THE FLOOR IN DISBELIEF... I CAN'T BELIEVE IT... I MEAN, I KNEW IT WAS GONNA HAPPEN BUT TO SEE IT, IT'S REALLY CRAZY!!! to see the words 'president elect' with the words 'barack obama', i have to keep doing double takes...

i proudly voted for a mc kinney/clemente ticket, but come ON, people... i will admit that i am looking at this from a historical perspective right now, and even though i had a hunch he was gonna get it since a week ago (look at the polls, and what the pundits are saying) it is still unbelievable- i never expected to see someone not (fully) european get accepted like this. and... he won by a landslide in the electoral votes. i am not a fan of the electoral vote either (i find them to be majorly un-democratic), but both the electoral votes and the popular vote had obama in the lead... this is crazy... i am scratching my head...

and just to think about this too, obama is married to a strong, extremely smart black woman, with some strong black daughters. their notion of a family is more functional than most we have seen habitating the oval office since... the johnsons? the roosevelts? i don't even know. to look at black love as successful in america. i have to say, that makes me proud.

and yes, i do not agree with obama's voting records and policies. we MUST, MUST, MUST hold his administration accountable for whatever they do. let us not get lazy. but i am still scratching my head in disbelief. this is amazing.

the black president. wow.

let's take this next couple of months to reflect, then when the 20th of january comes around, act. let's remain pro-active, and seriously look at policy.

george clinton is probably smiling now. and james brown is dancing, wherever he is.

now do we get together and buy some land...?

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