Tuesday, December 9, 2008

michael causes a revelation- hee hee!!!

so... i was on my way to the radio station from work (to work on more things, of course) and i pass by this mexican restaurant i always pass by... it's usually lively when i pass by but being that it was a monday night into tuesday morning, it was quiet, with a few people conversing at the bar, from what i could see... but! when i pass by i hear nothing other than the MJ singing a live version of 'ben' emanating from the mini speaker outside. i walked inside the establishment (my first time ever stepping in there) and i asked one of the men working there if this was the 'jacksons live' album they were playing (since that is where the performance was from, i was sure of it). he said, 'no. michael jackson number ones'. for some reason that amazed me. an almost empty restaurant playing a full michael jackson album near midnight. i told him, 'you don't understand, i love michael jackson' and walked off as he gave me a look like, 'okay... so you love michael jackson.' i decided to walk back inside as 'ben' was at it's conclusion, and proceeded to show him one of the michael dolls i had.

of course, he gave a bit of a snicker/laugh. an insane fan i must be.

the truth is, i actually do have 9 MJ dolls (as i speak); and since there can only be one michael they have all gotten the names of the other family members (janet is coming soon!!!). i have 8 dolls from 1984, and one 1995 version... they are quite cheap on ebay; which is why i have the number i do... and yes, i do bring them all to work with me... the kids love it, some adults love it and the rest think i am absolutely crazy. do i look like i care?!

don't answer that one.

the deeper i become in this project called a book, the more involved i get with finding out so much. it's definately a journey i've committed myself to.

as i write this, i am listening to the song 'take me back' from the forever, michael album, over and over... it's one of my favourites in his catalogue. it's perhaps, the most underrated MJ album there is, and one of my top four.

no matter how insane people think you may be, never give up on your goals, or your dreams...

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