Monday, January 25, 2010

michael, may you now be at peace: a reflection (no. 52)

it's fairly safe to say that these seven months have come to us at a rate faster than imagined. in light of this it's hard to even remember this is 2010. it seems like this news hit just yesterday.

alas, the number 7 is of some significance to you though... it is the number of spiritual and physical regeneration. of course, because people may expect something big from you in this month due to the number's importance to your character, will this day pass as uneventful? or... shall you wait until tuesday the 26th, when there will be a mass release of your film?

it's interesting that this month has lent to itself its share of challenges for many... with many mini-battles amongst individuals, with two major earthquakes in haiti we may be left wondering where love is... but we must realise that it is always here. is this a lesson for all of us to learn in this seventh month? are we to heed the message of regeneration? those of us who are physically left here on this earth must call on which we already know, as well as what we have learned from the ancestors.

i have deferred to you many times this past week, teacher. it has been a fairly bad week, emotionally. it was all my heart could take so many times to just smile (and sing the song which you love so much of the same name) and all i heard was exactly what you told me some time ago in a dream: 'you know what to do.' and i know you know how hard it is for me to hear that. but that's all you told me.

i know you're right, but still... i just need to believe, right?

i know that with all that's going on, your heart is aching too. but we all are in number 7. and we shall get through this. together.

your humble student,


Anonymous said...

OMG, gurl. You are SOOOO awesome to bring this to light. Now I understand my unusual amount of sadness during this 7th month. It's like we have been aligned, all together with him and what is/was his rhythm. We ARE A team. I love this team.

Thank you dear one, love to you FOREVER!

the one woman apollo! said...

thanks!!! love to you too...