Sunday, February 28, 2010

michael, may you now be at peace: a reflection (no. 53)

it is a little past the 8th month, teacher, but i have been feeling your spirit now more than ever... today you have decided to take a rest. the past few days though, you've been working hard.

last night, after coming home from an event i began to speak with you out loud. i asked you if there was anything you wanted me to say to certain people. since the day i felt your spirit enter me (on the 24th) your energy has been getting stronger and stronger, yet i still ask what it is you want. are you just stopping by to say hello, or are you asking for something more?

so as i rode home i asked you out loud if there was anything you wanted me to say to certain people. and just like on the 24th i felt my eyes water... i asked if you were okay, and i think i heard you say you were okay, and that you felt better than the day before. i kept asking if you were sure you were okay, and i felt you getting impatient with me... i know it may seem like i'm pestering you, teacher, but i just want to be clear.

when i said out loud that i loved you, that's when the tears came. i don't ever recall tears streaming down my face in this way when i told you i loved you... this just started happening, since the 24th... the energy between us is so different now. i feel extra sensitive to your energy. there are certain words which trigger tears or certain images which i feel a slight surge of your energy enter me. i feel this energy and i still wonder if i am alone, if i am crazy or if i am just hearing/visualizing things... is it really your energy i am feeling?

well, as i said, if you ever need me, you know i am right here...

your humble student,

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