Saturday, September 13, 2008

addicted to juice...

so... where i work, we have this product called nantucket nectars; and i openly wonder on occasions why black people tend to gravitate toward this product, and not the other juices in the store... i mean, we have local juices, smoothies, and so on... i mean, people don't even look around the store, they go straight to this nantucket business... i asked a woman, i said to her, 'what is the appeal with this product'? i expected her to mention the inexpensive price or something. her answer was that she was just thirsty. her answer intrigued me so, and the kind of person i was, in had to do some homework... herein lies the crux... according to wikipedia:

"Nantucket Nectars
is a beverage company created by Tom First and Tom Scott. They met at Brown University in 1985. Four years later they graduated and headed to Nantucket. That summer they started Allserve, a floating convenience store servicing boats in Nantucket Harbor. The pair delivered everything from newspapers to laundry.
In 1989 Tom First attempted to recreate a peach drink that he drank on a regular basis while on a trip to Spain. After successfully re-creating the taste they were looking for, the two began mixing the juice in a blender, pasteurizing it, and bottling it themselves. The following summer they sold it off their boat, and it was not until later that they decided to call it Nantucket Nectars.
Nantucket Nectars was purchased by London-based Cadbury Schweppes PLC in 2002 with its headquarters in Rye Brook, NY. The founders are no longer involved in the day-to-day operations, but still perform marketing duties, including their voices for radio ads."

cadbury schweppes... the same corporation that owned def jam for a time. they put something in their drinks or something, because seriously, black people rush for the stuff. i decided i am going to do a survey and ask black people about their addiction to the nantucket when they go to the health food store, which has SO MANY products in it...

this is crucial for me too, because come really soon, it may be considered a terrorist act to even have a community garden, or even be at a non-profit community co-op, since it is ultimately bringing awareness about nutrition, thereby affecting major corporations' sales. one of my goals is to bring awareness to us about alternatives to all this food we are trained to eat, with all these chemicals. bring attention to why we purchase the things we do.

i am planning to write a short piece within the next few days about community and nutrition, and the healthy staples we could eat... no, i'm far from the world's healthiest person, but i know there are alternatives.

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Kiri said...

they give you the most bang for the buck. Big, Tasty, Cheap. But, maybe there's nectar crack in there, yummm. Mary's addicted to the peach orange--the original crack from your research JJ. And pear pom makes a tasty mixer... :)