Monday, September 8, 2008

one more before i go...

i am not sure who the blond-haired lady is in the video posts on the side of my page... but there is a logo of the M-I-C-K-E-Y there... the wonders of youtube...

i keep thinking of the bird lying in the middle of the street last week, his beautiful eyes in mid-closure... whenever i see birds and cats lying in the street i stop to communicate with them. i feel it's important to give their lives some closure, even if i did not know them, and even if they are no longer living on this earthly plane. and even though cats are my favourite people ever on this planet, it's birds that make me cry when i see them lying there. most of the time if they are not glued to the tarmac as a result of being mowed down by an automobile i will pick them up and make attempts to bury them. if i cannot find a place (or a person to help me) i usually just place them on the side of a tree, or behind a bush, where they can be at peace.

last week i saw this beautiful bird lying there as if he just fell from a tree (or knocked into something mid-flight). i looked down, and i began crying. i picked him up and placed him by a tree. he looked so peaceful. as it was around 6:30 in the morning there were not many people outside. i'm sure the bird is in a better place.

but with death comes life... and kada brings me life. she is a 5 (soon to be 6) ball of sunshine. she comes in with her mother to the place i work at, and both our faces light up when we see each other. she tells me i am her best friend, and wants to know if i am hers. i give her a bracelet, she gives me a ring. the funny thing is, our relationship began when i was performing as none other than 'michael' (need i finish the rest?), mainly for the book i am writing. she proceeded to call me 'michael jackson' for a while after that (she even asked if she could call me that, hee hee). of course she does call me by my actual name now, but despite our relationship being so simple and innocuous (as only a child and adult can have), we have bonded in a way that i have not bonded with anyone else in my life... i cherish the quick conversations we have, and her hugs and smiles. even if she's going to be away for a day, she tells me she will miss me.

i have never had a relationship with a child like this before. i will forever hold on to it, even as she grows into adulthood and becomes the strong woman i know she will become.

kada, i love you, as you have opened your heart to me so openly and told me you loved me.

we must always show children the love and respect they deserve.

and life is too precious to not acknowledge the cycle of life, and all the species involved in it.

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