Monday, September 8, 2008

yes, i know, but i wanted to say this...

of course, in the course of this blog's existence there will be heavy political musings, mixed in with some warm fuzzy feelings... but right now all i am gonna say in light of the police abuse at the RNC, the police abuse towards critical mass cyclists, the police abuse at the volunteer at KPFA in california, police abuse EVERYWHERE (and lest we forget this sarah palin craziness)- STEVIE WONDER FOR PRESIDENT!!! and let's say we coax michael to be the vice-president?

ya'll think i'm joking too, don't you? i don't play when it comes to STEVIE. and i don't joke when it comes to the politics/policy. and i believe that STEVIE considered running for mayor of detroit in the late '80s, 1990. i don't doubt that he follows international policy, which is massively important for the 'commander in chief'.

a question i have is: if the government is to truly be ruled by the people, why do 'the people' depend on one person to represent? shouldn't we all be responsible? after all, it is our money going towards what is signed off constantly without our consent? or have we forgotten that the measure of a true government is its people?

oh sweetheart, i have just begun.

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